Bear, tiger and lion rescued as babies and now best friends

We cannot deny that in the animal kingdom predators have their rules of survival. Therefore, when we hear about a lion, a tiger, or a bear, the last thing we think of is that these three very different species can form a special bond that leads them to create a pack of opposite alpha males, but with an unbreakable bond.

A lion, a tiger and a bear rescued as cubs learned the value of true friendship.

That’s exactly what happened in Atlanta, Georgia when police raided a dealer’s home in 2001 and found an unfortunate scene.

In the basement were three cubs in terrible condition, totally malnourished and riddled with parasites.

A small African lion, which they named Leo, had a serious facial injury. Shere Khan, a Bengal tiger, was totally emaciated. And a black bear, which they named Baloo, had a harness so tight that it hurt his skin badly.

Despite their young age, the little animals had terrible experiences.

Of course, the police officers were totally shocked to see these innocent creatures, even more so in the condition in which they were rescued. They quickly called the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, who took care of the animals’ transport.

After receiving full medical attention, their rescuers decided that they would spend the rest of their lives in a sanctuary with over 1 square kilometer of green space to grow free and happy. But, releasing them back into their natural habitat was sadly no longer an option.

The little animals were moved to Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary.

Allison Hedgecoth, who was the curator in charge of the three little animals, says that when they arrived at the sanctuary they were still very frightened and clung to each other to try to protect themselves.

As time went by they gained confidence and came out of their comfort zone to cuddle and play all over the sanctuary. Seeing them together is a gift of nature.

Without a doubt, they had created a beautiful, unconditional trio after overcoming the worst of captivity together, and now they supported each other like siblings.

The trio is known as BLT (bear, lion, tiger).

Sanctuary staff agreed to separate them once they reached sexual maturity, but they grew up and with them, an unbreakable bond grew, so they decided to leave them together as adults.

For more than two decades this varied and magnificent trio slept, ate and shared the same space. Something very difficult to see in the wild.

The three totally opposite predators formed the most touching and exemplary friendship:

Despite having a large terrain, these little animals cannot be separated. Alisson comments on this:

“Although they live in a large enclosure, they are usually within 30 meters of each other. That’s proof that they not only coexist or live together, but actually enjoy each other’s company, and in fact, can hardly be without each other.”

Sadly, the sanctuary announced that Leo and Shere Khan passed away recently. Poor Baloo was present for the last days of his faithful friends, even witnessing the two funerals. Although everyone at the sanctuary is heartbroken over their deaths, they are making sure Baloo feels he is not alone.

Our best consolation is knowing that all three had a magical life, we are sure that animal lovers will never forget this beautiful story of survival and unconditional friendship.

The world deserves to know the wonders of the animal kingdom and the magic of three very different species that formed an unbreakable bond that will last forever, until the three are reunited on the other side of the rainbow.

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